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Foot & Leg Massage Services

Indulge and escape from it all with a therapeutic foot and leg massage from Bella Mademoiselle Spa. Our massages are gentle yet firm enough to provide the necessary relief from the discomforts associated during and after gestational maternity. We only use the finest and most natural products available to not only provide relief, but also to place you in a state of tranquility and calmness that will significantly cause stress levels to decrease.  

Bella-ssage Treatments 
Aromatherapy Mama-ssage!
$100 / 50 Minutes

This foot massage is unique for its amazing therapeutic benefits. Organic carrier oil is infused with pure lavender extracts to help clear the mind and set the ambiance for treatment. We use special soothing techniques to help alleviate discomfort on both legs and feet caused by prolonged periods of bed-rest inactivity or post labor inflammation. This therapy treatment includes foot and leg exercises to help improve circulation and decompress swelling caused by fluid retention. 

$150 / 60 Minutes
Sugar Scrub Mama-ssage!

This is the perfect remedy to alleviate the effects of long-term bed rest or post labor baby blues. Our signature foot massage will place your mind in a perfect state of "Zen"! This treatment will help improve circulation while polishing away rough and patchy skin. We use a custom blended sugar scrub that gently exfoliates dry skin and restores it to a healthy glow. Your feet are then wrapped with soothing hot towels infused with aromatherapy essential oils in order to decompress swollen and achy feet as well as treating leg cramps. 

Lavender Bella-ssage!
$200 / 60 Minutes

Head, Hands, Leg and Feet Massage! The ultimate remedy to obtain complete relaxation from head to toes. This treatment will have your body and mind traveling through a French country side lavender field. Infused with hot organic lavender oil, extra attention is given to the various pressure points located throughout the body. Your feet are wrapped with hot towels infused with lavender oil in order to help decompress and alleviate tension. Whether you are an antepartum or postpartum patient, relief from gestational hypertension and a faster recovery time are possible via this treatment by significantly reducing cortisol levels triggered by stress. 

$25.00 / 15 Minutes $45.00 / 30 Minutes $60.00 / 45 Minutes
Cloud Nine Add-On

Add extra foot massage to any mani or pedi treatment. 

* Allocated times are approximate. Services may last longer depending on your particular circumstances.    Please see FAQ for further details regarding foot and leg massage treatments. 
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