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It is a well documented fact that prolonged hospital stays are often associated with increased levels of anxiety, depression and stress in patients. Bella Mademoiselle Woman's Spa is the first and only upscale spa directly aimed to satisfy the special demands of hospital guests in order to provide an avenue to escape from stressful conditions.

Just because you have been bed-rested within a hospital does

not mean you cannot be pampered. Bella Mademoiselle Woman's

Spa is all about pampering you and the best part of it is that we take

that pampering straight to you. Enjoy a full array of spa treatments

such as: manis, pedis, facials, waxing, etc, all delivered within the 

comfort and privacy of your own personal room.

We have spent countless of hours researching and finding the 

finest, most luxurious ingredients to be used on all of our spa 

treatments. We are cognizant of the special needs of our guests.

As such, we are committed to only using products that are 100%

free of harsh and toxic chemicals. This means no paraben, no

formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP, no animal byproducts, and no


Bella Mademoiselle Woman's Spa in the media:

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We use pure and natural ingredients to customize and blend formulas tailored to our guests' specific needs. Our staff is well

trained and equipped to handle the special needs of our guests.

Special procedures are in place to ensure the comfort and

relaxation of expecting (antepartum) mothers and newly

(postpartum) mothers. Rigorous sterilization and infection control

protocols are kept at the same level as that of the hospitals in 

which we serve.

So whether you are about to have that first encounter with your

precious one or you were admitted to the the hospital for any

other reason, one thing remains certain; Bella Mademoiselle

Woman's Spa will be there at your side pampering you and relaxing you in order to make your stay and recovery at the hospital a much

more enjoyable one. From all of us at Bella Mademoiselle Woman's

Spa, we thank you for letting us pamper you!

                                             Bella Mademoiselle Woman's Spa

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