Bella Derma Care 

Let's "Face" It:

Everyone deserves a more youthful and softer looking skin. As a result of being in a hospital environment our skin tends to become dry and pigmentation changes during and after pregnancy. Bella Mademoiselle's Skin Care Treatments are targeted at providing you with an avenue to escape stress and reinvigorate your skin back to a healthy glow. We take a four prong approach at accomplishing this: Calm, Cleanse, Purify and Revitalize. Our staff will carefully analyze your skin's surface condition and tailor a regime that is compatible with your skin type.

Nap Time Revitalizing Facial™    $90.00 1 Hour

The ultimate relaxation therapy! Lay back on your plush pillow while you slip away into a state of deep relaxation. Our customizable treatment, we start with a lavender infused steam treatment that will open up the pores for a deep cleansing. Gentle exfoliators remove dead skin cells while promoting the appearance of new healthy skin. Next, we use gentle cleansers to eliminate impurities that cause pores to become clogged. A stimulating facial massage will help increase circulation, relieve sinus pressure and reduce puffy eyes in order to give your skin a natural and healthy glow. We finalize the treatment with a hot oil massage that focuses on the hands, arms, neck, shoulders and scalp. Heavenly bliss is what awaits! 

Epilation Services

All of our waxing services are performed using only the most natural and effective products available. We use high quality, non-crystallizing resins that are specifically formulated to melt at lower temperatures. They are less irritating and less painful to the skin. The result is a softer and more gentle waxing treatment that will leave your skin looking attractively smooth. 

Eye Brows    $18.00
Under Arm   $24.00
Lip    $14.00
Chin     $16.00
Chin & Under Jaw    $32.00
Full Face   $50.00
Other by consultation*

*Allocated times are approximate. Services may last longer depending on your particular circumstances.

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